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Hazuki Menu


Zara Udon (cold buckwheat udon noodles served with zara sauce) V 7.50
Sansai Udon
(Japanese soup udon noodles with mix wild vegetable) V 9.50
Tempura Udon
(Japanese soup udon noodles with king prawns tempura) 9.50
Shoyu Ramen
(ramen noodle shoyu soup with egg, fishcake & vegetables) 9.00
Tori Ramen
(ramen noodle toripaitan soup with chicken, egg, fishcake & vegetables) 11.50
Miso Ramen
(ramen noodle miso soup with egg, pork, fishcake & vegetables) 12.50
Buta Ramen
(ramen noodle tonkotsu soup with pork belly, egg, fishcake & vegetables) 12.50
Tantan Ramen
(ramen noodle tantan soup with beef, egg, fishcake & vegetables) 13.00
Fish Ramen
(ramen noodle shio soup with mix fishes, egg, fishcake & vegetable) 14.00