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Hazuki Menu

Cold Appetizers

Broccoli Goma Miso-ae (Broccoli with sesame & cream of miso sauce) V 3.00
Wakame Kyuri Su
(seaweed & cucumber in vinegar sauce) V 3.00
(assorted Japanese pickled) V 3.50
Yasai Salad
(green salad with shitake mushroom) V 4.00
Salmon Skin
(grilled salmon skin with spring onion, seaweed and ponzu sauce) 3.00
Maguro Avocado
(tuna & avocado in wasabi soy sauce) 7.00
Maguro Tataki Salad
(Japanese tuna carpaccio with salad and dressing Hazuki sauce) 12.00


Hot Appetizer

Miso Shiro (soy bean soup with seaweed, tofu & spring onion) V 1.50
(poached green soy bean) V 3.50
Agedashi Tofu
(deep fried bean curd with soy sauce) V 4.00
Goyza Vegetable
(home-made pan fried dumpling with mix vegetables) V 4.50
(grilled aubergine with miso sauce, sesame, chilli, dry green seaweed) V 4.50
(pan fried aubergine with home-made chilli sauce) V 4.50
(grilled chicken on skewers in teriyaki sauce) 4.00
(home-made pan fried dumpling with pork & vegetables) 6.50
Koiwashi Kara-age
(deep fried white bait) 4.00
Koebi Kara-age
(deep fried small shrimps) 4.50
Ikanira Itame
(pan fried squid with chives) 4.00
Dobin Mushi
(Japanese soup with mix fishes, prawn, chicken, gingko nut) 5.00
(grilled squid tentacles in sea salt) 5.50
Ninnikunome Ika
(pan fried squid with garlic sprouts) 5.50
Samna Shioyaki
(grilled blue fish in sea salt) 6.00
Sake Toro Shioyaki
(grilled salmon belly in sea salt) 6.00
Sake Toro Miso
(grilled marinade salmon belly in sakyo miso) 7.00